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The movie marathon is what you love?

Are the Web series lined up for the weekend?

Chelsea Vs. Manu – Who are you fanatic about?

Do not worry! Direct TV’s primary is the responsibility to convey most recent and astounding updates about movies, directv sports, music and whatsoever. Our cutting edge of amusement is here to give a view to goals and energy for the creative United States.

Direct TV deals, satellite TV packages, best television entertainment of all time. As a service provider, our administrations and services are intended to convey effortlessness and esteem, we can better empower our clients to get to circumstances 24x7.

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Unlike generic set up boxes, Direct TV deals and offers a large group of energizing best tv packages for example, Services and Showcase, our Pay-Per- View film benefit. Likewise, it gives you your preferred privilege to choose the shows through creative bundling. Now with Direct TV, you can get prevalent quality sound, completely clear picture quality.

Likewise one can browse the tremendous alternative of bundles accessible. The channels you can be completely redone as there are many extra packs accessible where there are directv new promotions on the TV package.


Guess what?

If you are watching your favorite live show on the internet and suddenly it stops buffering!

How annoying it feels?

Chill! Direct TV U.S offers its new customer offers with the best Internet service, provider. You can stream the videos live without any interruptions. From anywhere in the home you can access the Wi-Fi and browse what exactly you want. Simply, it is the world at your place experience is given by Direct TV internet providers. The Direct TV and internet bundle Dealstogether makes the best combo in our packages.


With our phone service voice, you get completely clear call quality, day and night. Direct TV in U.S Digital voice incorporates boundless across the country calling, in addition to free calling to some of the U.S. territories. Whether you're moving to another home or need to add a home telephone line to your present living arrangement, Direct Television makes it simple to arrange and get associated in a matter of seconds.

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Get the first 3 months of these premium channels at no extra cost!

With SELECT through ULTIMATE tv packages. After 3 mos., services automatically continue at then prevailing rate (currently $53.99/mo.) unless you call to change or cancel. Req’s you to select offer.

Standard professional installation included for up to 4 rooms.

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DIRECTV gives you the entertainment freedom you want and need

Expand your TV experience with more Directv package comparison options, on the go entertainment and exceptional customer service. DIRECTV takes TV to a whole new level. See why it's the #1 satellite TV service in the country.



The entertainment you want

150+ Channels

Plus taxes

For 12 mos. w/24-mo. agmt, after autopay credit. pay $40/mo. until credit starts within 3 bills. $76/mo. months 13-24(subject to change).


Value-packed package

155+ Channels

Plus taxes

For 12 mos. w/24-mo. agmt, after autopay credit. pay $45/mo. until credit starts within 3 bills. $87/mo. months 13-24(subject to change).


The package that beats cable

185+ Channels

Plus taxes

Regional Sport Fee

For 12 mos. w/24-mo. agmt, after autopay credit. pay $50/mo. until credit starts within 3 bills. $101/mo. months 13-24(subject to change).


Our most popular package

230+ Channels

Plus taxes

For 12 mos. w/24-mo. agmt, after autopay credit. pay $60/mo. until credit starts within 3 bills. $110/mo. months 13-24(subject to change).


The movie-lovers package

245+ Channels

Plus taxes

For 12 mos. w/24-mo. agmt, after autopay credit. pay $65/mo. until credit starts within 3 bills. $120/mo. months 13-24(subject to change).


Our top-of-the-line package

325+ Channels

Plus taxes

For 12 mos. w/24-mo. agmt, after autopay credit. pay $115/mo. until credit starts within 3 bills. $173/mo. months 13-24(subject to change).

Get NFL SUNDAY TICKET and other DIRECTV exclusives

Stream each live, out-of- advertise Sunday general season diversion with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, only on DIRECTV. Watch your most loved groups in fullscreen or multi-errand like a champ govern your Fantasy League by watching recreations while looking into scores, details, features, and s.

With enhanced video and disentangled route, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is the ideal approach to watch your football. Begin observing at this point! NFL SUNDAY TICKET is accessible for clients in U.S. domains as it were.

You'll just get TV this extraordinary with DIRECTV

As a DIRECTV client, you can appreciate DIRECTV special features like NFL SUNDAY TICKET. It's the main games bundle that presents to you each live, out-of- advertise amusement, each Sunday, and it's just on DIRECTV.1

DIRECTV has the HD DVR technology you want

Take control of your viewing experience.

Advanced DVR technology gives you the freedom to personalize how and when you watch your favorite shows. Get Genie, DIRECTV’s most advanced HD DVR ever, and take control of your TV viewing experience.


Record up to 5 shows at once on any channels.

Go Back

Watch shows up to 72 hours after they air, even if you forgot to record them.

Search & schedule

Search for shows and schedule recordings up to 2 weeks in advance.


Connect up to 8 TVs wireless to one HD DVR.

Split screen

Watch two shows at once on the same screen.

Choose DIRECTV today!

Direct TV gives you the excitement that will influence you to need to remain home on motion picture night or diversion day. These services are accessible in all regions of U.S. Cut the link rope today and find the distinction that better highlights and a superior cost can make your home.

Watch what you need, where you need. Pick channel packs with systems you adore. Investigate the huge Video on Demand library. It's TV how you need it to be.

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DIRECTV On Demand: Instant Access To Thousands Of Titles


Direct TV promotions are designed after extensive market analysis for you, you can now have

FREE Upgrades: Genie HD DVR & 3 Genie Minis (Additional equipment required. Additional & advanced receiver fees apply. Minimum 2-room setup required for free Genie upgrade offer.)

FREE for 3 months: HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax® & STARZ®

FREE Standard installation with any directv choice package


With Direct TV’s Genie HD DVR, you can rewind, fast-forward, record & delete TV shows and even save up to three times for HD programming than any regular cable DVR. What more, the Genie’s new intelligence system recommends new shows based on your preference!


With Direct TV’s quality High Definition programing your viewing experience will be enhanced like never before. Crisp images, dynamic colors and enhance sound quality with over 170 full-time High Definition channels are a part of your new television experience.


Direct TV brings you the best technology in the industry with access to premium sports packages like the NFL SUNDAY TICKET along with an amazing collection of full-time HD channels! Directv satellite tv provider

More than just Cable TV

You have access to Direct TV in all 50 states with exclusive best Package options on sports. Direct TV is loved by its customers and is now rated higher than Cable TV for the 16th consecutive year.

Local Channels with DIRECTV

Direct Television is intensely local and passionately national. You can now view all your favorite local channels in HD with Direct TV!


DIRECTV by the Numbers

Any way you crunch them, the numbers speak for themselves.

99% signal reliability

Based on Nationwide Study of representative cities.

Available in all 50 states
Every 7.5 seconds someone switches to DIRECTV

Based on gross subscriber additions from Q3 2015–Q2 2016.


It doesn’t matter if you love tech, movies, sports, the news, cooking shows or you prefer a unique blend which is your own style. With DirectTV you have the option of choosing the best deals on Satellite TV with the best tv packages! Our Satellite Tv Packages are designed to adapt to your own style so you can watch TV just the way you want!

Direct TV and Internet Deals

If you dig AT&T internet deals, Direct Tv and Internet Package deals are designed to give you the best satellite TV Deals and internet deals in the business! You get a $25/mo. Credit when you combine DIRECTV or DIRECTV NOW with AT&T UNLIMITED PLUS?. Now you have the best deals on satellite tv and internet to give you unlimited entertainment without dealing with overages again! You have a 22 GB data usage limit after which AT&T might slow your speed.

Direct TV

We are passionate to bring you the best service possible. As your local authorized DIRECT TV dealer, we offer the best tv packages to bring great value to you and great service.

We will be there for you through all your Direct TV online installation process. Our dedicated team of customer service agents will always be ready to update you on the best direct tv deals and ensure you get the best tv packages. Getting affordable cable package deals for your viewing experience is our top priority and we promise to help you zone into the best possible deals on satellite tv in the market!

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